Pan Xue Cheng Glass & Aluminium Works specialized in structural glass, aluminium and stainless steel with more than 10 years experience. We provide high quality of products and expert services. With our great craftmanship, our products are directed from factory and avalaible in customized multipoint windows, folding doors, sliding doors, bathroom screen, security screens and more according to clients' order. We provide modern design for client with complimentary quotation and measurement.

Pan Xue Cheng Glass & Aluminium Works专门生产结构玻璃,铝和不锈钢的产品,我们具有10年以上的经验。 我们提供高质量的产品和定制服务。 以我们精湛的工艺及产品从原工厂订购,我们可以根据客户的要求提供定制的多点窗户,折叠门,推拉门,浴室屏风,安全屏风等。 我们也为客户提供免费报价及到现场量尺寸.

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